Fluid Film NAS, 1 liter, viscous cavity protection 2CV Ami GS/A BX CX DS SM

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  • FLUID FILM NAS is a physiologically harmless, solvent-free, thixotropic single-layer corrosion protection coating with lubricant and rust-loosening effect on lanolin. It provides a clear and glossy protective film.
    FLUID FILM NAS is primarily intended for the protection of metal surfaces for in-house storage and for preservation during sea and road transport, as well as for the cavity protection of motor vehicles. Furthermore it can also be used as a lubricant and creeping or even for winter services.
    It can be applied by spraying, brush or roller on dry or damp, bare or rusty surfaces to protect against salt water or weathering. For cavities of motor vehicles FLUID FILM NAS can be used to approximately 25 ° C after heating by using a pressure feed gun with a hollow probe (0.2 or 0.4 mm).
    The effectiveness of a protection system depends, among other things, on its thickness and needs to be chosen according to the given stress and the service life of the object. To ensure the protection of cavitities with many corners, foldings, overlapping areas and the presence of an old coating or rust we recommend to apply a double layer of thickness.
    FLUID FILM NAS can be used as a rust remover or anti-corrosion agent. For economic reasons, it is recommended to remove loose contaminants such as rust and old coating parts by washing. The surface may be damp, but must be free of surface water.
      • FLUID FILM NAS Features:
          • Solvent free and non-toxic
          • Requires minimum surface treatment
          • Penetrates through rust, displaces water and forms an extremely durable protection against corrosion caused by salts
          • Good adhesion on wet or dry surfaces
          • No evaporation gumming or drying out of the protection film
          • Easy to remove!
          • May come in contact with water immediately after application
          • Processing by warming to 25 ° C, using a conventional pressure spray gun
          • Especially suitable as a lubricant and penetrating oil!


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