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Fluid Film Spray can AS-R 400 ml cavity protection 2CV Ami GS/A BX CX DS SM

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The FLUID FILM products, based on lanolin, form a softcoating and longlasting corrosion protection. Without any solvents included, they distinguish from other conventional anticorrosives in their environmental friendliness.

Due to their penetrating and migrating properties they do not only protect from rust, but also stop existing rust. Depending on their viscosities FLUID FILM products can be used for many applications in different areas. As well as in the shipping, the automotive industry, the agriculture as in the aviation just to name some examples FLUID FILM has proved successfully as a corrosion product of high quality already for a long time.


    • FLUID FILM contains NO environmentally harmful CFC propellants
    • Behaves extremely resistant against all weather conditions, even against snow and slush and the solvent salts used in winter maintenance
    • Very effective and reliable at the same time as a rust remover and water-displacing corrosion inhibitor
    • Excellent salt water resistance
    • For corrosion protection of steel parts and other metal parts during transport and processing in the manufacturing operation
    • Fast creeping, but good adhesion, thermal stability, is washed away by rain and sea water or not modified, yet it evaporates and gummy as with most oils the case
    • FLUID FILM LIQUID A meets and exceeds the corrosion performance requirements of MIL-C-16173 while containing no solvents. LIQUID A remains active, penetrating to the base metal stopping corrosion.

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