Fluid Film Liquid A, 1 liter, cavity protection 2CV Ami GS/A BX CX DS SM

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  • FLUID FILM Liquid A is an oily amber transparent liquid. It is a lanolin-based coating, solvent free, non-toxic and will not evaporate. Fluid Film Liquid A reacts with moisture to form a soft gelatinous barrier. This mixture is chemically combined and thus unavailable to cause corrosion.

  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • lubricant and penetrant for all metals.
  • Provides protection against attacks by moisture and salt solutions.
  • May be applied to soften and remove heavy rust.
  • Used in the maintenance of aircraft, heavy equipment, marine equipment (such as rudders, voids, inaccessible areas), mining equipment, farm machinery and automobiles.
  • Also used in refineries, salt plants, power plants, and gas companies. -> FLUID FILM LIQUID A meets and exceeds the corrosion performance requirements of MIL-C-16173 while containing no solvents. LIQUID A remains active, penetrating to the base metal stopping corrosion.



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